Lynn DuBoff, D.M.D. and Steven DuBoff, D.M.D. ( – Bloomfield, New Jersey

We have had a great deal of professional contact with Dr. Phil Cooper during the past 4 years since he guided us through the sale of our busy practice in New Jersey, the purchase of a 50% partnership in Vermont, the subsequent dissolution of that same partnership a year later, and then finally the purchase of another practice again in Vermont. After all of that, we are truly in a position to say that we have the absolute highest regard for Phil in every respect as an expert practice broker. Phil brings forth not only a wealth of knowledge and hard-earned experience, but complete honesty, integrity, and practical common sense. In selling our practice, Phil hand-picked a select few individuals out of his pool of interested buyers that he felt would be the “right” match for us. Literally, the second person who came to visit the practice ended up as our buyer and he today has retained 100% of our staff, almost all of the patients, and not only is very successful but even more importantly, very happy in his new practice. Phil had the brilliant vision to match this individual’s needs and desires to our practice, which was the “right” practice for him. Additionally, during our transition between states and practices, it was a comfort and a blessing to have Phil guide us through some extremely stressful situations with his grounded wisdom and insight. Phil made himself always easily available to us and made us feel as though we were his “only clients: although in actuality, he had hundreds of clients going through the same processes and with the same questions and problems as we were experiencing. Phil Cooper is truly one of a kind resource blending dentistry, practice transition, and business administration with the personal component of making practices click. We would never consider making a move or decision without his counsel and professional guidance.