John H. Bailey, D.M.D., Pennsauken, New Jersey

I did my homework and read all the practice transition articles. I thought, as when I purchased my practice 40 years ago, that I could do this mostly on my own. I entertained a few inquiries and knew the vultures were circling and I was dead meat. What to do? Call Phil and Kevin Cooper!!! I brought my loving wife/ office manager with me. She needed to understand and be educated in the practice sale process. Phil and Kevin are so honest, straightforward forward and available for questions that by the end of our second meeting, my wife became a confident center of communication and sharer of information and knowledge. Every practice transition is different. The Coopers’ asked us tough questions, debunked myths, and guided us through the minefield of today’s practice transition environment. Our journey was rough and tumble, however, Phil and Kevin never flinched. Their insight and experience prepared us for different scenarios. During the difficult negotiation process, they were there with thoughtful, concise, and timely recommendations along with a side platter of pitfalls of which to be aware of. Our fondest memory of this transition is the knowledge that Phil and Kevin stood by us all the way, well past Settlement Day.