Jacob Milunsky, D.M.D. – Media, Pennsylvania

I had spoken to many other transition ‘specialists’ before I came to Phil Cooper and American Practice Consultants. Phil is unlike anyone else I have met in this industry and conducts his business with the utmost level of expertise. He guided me, a first-time buyer of any practice, to the right practice for me. He did not show me offices that would not fit my personality or my budget. He did not push me into a scenario with another dentist that would be less than optimal for either of us. Rather, he guided me to a good fit that had just the right elements for me to build my next career move.

Phil took all the time necessary to fully explain every element of the process. He can also make great suggestions of other professionals involved in the buying who specialize in guiding new dentists. After going through dental school, boards and residency, it’s nice to find a professional who can make your life easier and help you find what we all worked so hard for.