Elliott D. Maser, D.D.S., Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Looking to the future, I originally engaged Dr. Cooper for an office appraisal. Within a year, I realized that it was time to move on and transition my practice. I spoke with Phil, gave him my time frame, told him of what I was looking for in terms of an associate or outright buyer. In four weeks after signing with American Practice Consultants, Phil had arranged for several prospective buyers to view the practice. After one repeat viewing from a potential buyer, the wheels were set in motion for acquisition. Dr. Cooper guided me over several small speed bumps and with the help of Phil and my independent attorney we were able to close and sell within 4 months of the buyer originally offering a deposit. While I understand that most transactions take longer, I was delighted to have this deal done rapidly. With his professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy I would highly recommend American Practice Consultants to any dental professional looking to buy or sell a practice.