David M. Taylor, D.M.D. and Eileen A. Leone-Taylor, D.M.D., Berwyn, Pennsylvania

A wise sports star once said, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. The complexity of a practice transition is staggering, it is truly a team event. In ordinary times the events can be overwhelming starting with practice evaluation, marketing, meeting prospective candidates, and qualifying those individuals on many levels. Then there are negotiating, financing, accounting, and legal agreements. Again, this journey is an odyssey in the best of times. In keeping with a sports analogy, you will be playing in the big leagues and unless you have prior practice sales experience it is best to realize you are a rookie. At the same time, it is incumbent that you maintain the health of your practice as a clinician. No matter how great a clinician you are, you will be in a new game. You will be stretched time-wise in the best of circumstances. You need a strong team captain who has managed in the playoffs. Now, if you are not convinced, try transitioning a practice when the Commonwealth shuts you down for a couple of months. We knew from colleagues that Dr. Cooper was an All-Star, but after he and Kevin Cooper successfully transitioned our practice during the pandemic, we can honestly tell you that they are in the Hall of Fame at what they do. Flat out, without their experience, wisdom, contacts, and mutual respect for all the involved parties, this transition would never have been completed. The transition of your practice will prove to be one of the most complex, time-consuming, and important events of your career. Do yourself a huge favor and obtain the best guidance you possibly can garner, call Philip Cooper and Kevin Cooper.