Buyer Rep

Buyer Rep

Buyer’s Representative in NJ and PA (Eastern)

Have you found a practice opportunity and need professional assistance in evaluating it? If the answer is yes, you need to contact us.


Practice brokers have traditionally represented sellers in the transfer of practice ownership. The buyer was left to fend for himself in the evaluation and negotiation of a purchase. Even though accountants and attorneys assisted in the process, they frequently were unfamiliar in dealing with the unique nature of dental practices. The purchase of a practice is a major undertaking. You need an expert on your team who knows how to:

  • Value a practice
  • Evaluate proposals for buy-ins including Income Splitting
  • Negotiate a transaction
  • Arrange financing (frequently 100%)
  • Provide your attorney with a sample Agreement of Sale
  • Plan a smooth transition including sample patient letters
  • Provide answers to the many questions you will have

To better acquaint you with our services, contact us at 800-400-8550 or [email protected]. We will send you a package of information about our company, including a free copy of our Buyer’s Guide. This 45 page manual includes the following chapters: Stages of a Sale; Methods of Transferring Ownership; Partnerships: The Key Ingredients; Practice Valuation Basics; Financing; Tax Issues.

We look forward to hearing from you. All inquiries will be held strictly confidential.